How to not lose your financial aid

经济援助项目有要求,你需要满足,以保持援助. If you don't meet every requirement, 即使你没有意识到, your aid money can be taken away. 不要让这种事情发生. If you aren't sure w在这里 you stand, 电子游戏官网 电子游戏官网会提供帮助.

  1. 保持你的成绩.
  2. Check your scholarships for renewal criteria.
  3. Establish an academic plan toward graduation. 和你的导师谈谈.
  4. Talk with 职业服务 early in your schooling. Your 职业服务 counselor can help you develop a career plan.
  5. 完成课程. 经常退课会损害你保住奖学金的能力. 如果你因为家庭紧急情况或重大生活事件而不得不退出课程, contact your advisor before you stop attending class.
  6. Let your advisor know if you are struggling. Your advisor can help you find tutors and others who can help.
  7. Watch your borrowing and spending. 联系 your financial aid counselor for resources to help.
  8. If you want to change your program, talk with your advisor about how this might affect your financial aid.


美国.S. 教育部已要求学校确定学生是否因为与COVID-19有关的原因而退出或停止就读DU. 

通常情况下,当您提款时,电子游戏官网需要返还任何未赚取的标题IV基金(佩尔基金), FSEOG, 教授予, Subsidized and 未受资助的贷款s, PLUS loans) to the 教育部.  如果您因COVID-19而退出或停止参加,则可以免除该要求.   根据美国.S. 教育部, "Allowable circumstances include, 但并不局限于, illness of the student or family member, need to become a caregiver or first responder, 失去儿童保育, 经济困难, inability to access wi-fi due to closed facilities, or an increase in work hours as a result of the COVID-19 emergency." 

退出或停止参加DU的学生将收到一封详细说明可能弃权的电子邮件.  以获得豁免, 学生必须回复电子邮件,解释他们的退学与COVID-19的关系. 未能提交声明将导致资金被退回到教育部.